Nov. 3, 2021 | St. Mary's Foundation
by Bradley Burck

Memorial Christmas Tree

St. Mary's and HIMG Campuses

Give a special memorial gift this Christmas

Give a Gift in Honor of a Loved One This Christmas Season

You are invited to purchase a special ornament for the tree in honor of your loved one with a minimum donation of $25 to the St. Mary’s Foundation.

Your name and the name of your loved one will be placed on a plaque that will be displayed by the tree. To purchase an ornament, complete the form below.

Our memorial tree will serve as a visible sign of love for all who enter the lobby’s at St. Mary’s and HIMG this holiday season. Thank you for bringing hope to others as we remember your loved one.

The trees will be dedicated Thursday, Dec. 2 at 6 p.m. in the main lobby and via a virtual ceremony on the St. Mary’s Medical Center Facebook page.

What will my donation support?

Donations will be divided equally to support the St. Mary’s Helping our Family Fund and St. Mary’s Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training for our health care workers and area first responders.

The Helping our Family Fund provides emergency assistance to St. Mary’s employees, volunteers and retirees. The fund is used when an employee faces financial limitations due to extreme situations in their lives when they cannot be helped by another agency.

The CISM training will train first responders, including our own medical center staff, to respond and offer support to an individual or group who encounters a traumatic situation. This will provide a network of support for all first responders in our service area.

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