Only 5,000 Raffle Tickets Will Be Sold.

Tickets are $25 each or 6 for $125. Winner will be announced at the St. Mary’s Gala on May 21, 2022. You do not need to be present to win.


Saturday • May 21, 2022 • 6 p.m.

The St. Mary’s Gala is coming fast!  This year we will be at the Marshall University Rec Center.  Make sure to secure your table today!

It’s a Destination Experience!

A Family of Healthcare Foundations

There is an intricate relationship between good health, happiness and hope.  When health fails, the other elements in this delicate balance suffer. 

The Mountain Health Network Foundations – including Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation and St. Mary’s Medical Center Foundation – are committed to improving the health and well-being of more than one million children and adults in 23 counties in West Virginia, southern Ohio and eastern Kentucky.

Through our Foundations, we provide the means for friends like you to play a role in helping meet the unique needs of people in the region.  

Through a variety of special programs and the unique missions of the Mountain Health Foundations, you can play a significant role in the lives of individuals and families who need assistance.  Learn more about how you can be involved by clicking the button below…            

Patient at Hoops Family Children's Hospital

How You Make a Difference

There is no greater feeling than knowing your contribution matters. That you have made a difference. While there are a great many causes that are dependent upon financial support, there is nothing – nothing – that provides greater satisfaction than knowing you have made a significant difference in people’s lives.

As you invest your personal and financial resources in one of the Mountain Health Network Foundations, you impact those we currently serve and those who will be dependent upon help like yours in the coming years.

Author and philanthropist Wanda Henderson sums this up beautifully:

 “The seeds that we sow will continue to touch lives because the ripple effect of goodness is multiplied many times as the years go by.”

Stories of Changed Lives

Changed lives is what our Foundations are all about!

We exist to help people get the medical care they need and to empower people like you to do things in their community that make a difference for people in need of help.

Now you can read about our friends, patients, and co-workers who are thriving and making a difference in the world around them.


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